anybody give me hand with this one? i've got a 1985 casal k-177 (puch clone) and i just put a new thottle assembly on it and cable. now it runs incosistantly. yesterday when i opened it up it felt like it was flooding and cut out, couldn't get t started. today it started up fine, and i rode for a couple of miles and it felt like it was running out of gas, so a switched to reserve and still it stopped, won't start up again.

i took apart eh carb and made sure it was ok- there are alot of air bubbles in the fuel line-is this normal? is it possible the carb float is messed?

any suggestions greatly appreciated- the guy over at MRA don't seem to repsond to my posts anymore.



couple questions..

Why did you replace the throttle assembly?

Do you have a tranparent fule line and see that the line from the tank to the carb has bubbles?

Exactly what does it feel like when it feels like it's running out of gas?

If i hadda guess at this point, i think the carburetor is running out of gas, even though there is plenty of gas in the gas tank..


thanks for respong jow-

when i picke dup the bike the twist grip was all racked out and the cab;e was stuck- when i first got it going i had to reach down and manually wrench the cable with one hand...

well it stopping running today the rpms just dropped out, and then went back up and down, then cut out.

i do have a transparent line, and can see the bubbles, i was thinking of installing a fuel filter- good idea?

if the carb bowl is runing out of fuel, how do i determine/fix this?



That sounds like it's dying as the mixture gets leaner and leaner so yeah, its running out of gas. I don't think it's "flooding out" which means too rich a gas/air mixture.

You took apart the carb to see if it was OK so i assume the carb is properly clean.

There should be no bubbles in the fuel line.

Drain the tank through the fuel line and watch it come out.. If it comes out slower and slower, some screen may be clogged up. Remove the petcock on the tank and check the screens and filters. Look for pieces of rust or junk that might be clogging up the lines.

Another reason fuel flows slower and slower is that there is no tank vent . Gas caps have a tiny hole that allows replacement air to get into the tank as fuel goes out the bottom, preventing a vacuum. This vent hole might be stopped up.

Another fuel filter will actually slow down the flow of gas.. You need to unclog whatever is clogged up.

The float bowl may have a drain screw at the bottom. Open it and drain about 4 ounces of gas to be sure a steady supply of gas is being allowed in. If everything else is OK and the bowl doesn't get a steady refill, you may have a stuck float needle or a piece of junk partially blocking the float needle orifice.

My guess is bubbles are the big clue and your problem is in the tank or fuel line somewhere..


thanks for the help joe-

i took off the petcock, there were rust chips all over the screen so i cleaned it all up and made sure to primw the fuel valve before connecting. this seems to work.

while i was riding today i noticed that clunking sound coming from the tranny i presum when letting off the gas- i;ve seena few posts about this so i'll try to get info from them- do i need/how do i change my tranny fluid? on top of the clutch assmebly theres a red plastic hole- is this where i put fluid in? fluid bubbles out a litlle when the engie get real warm. i thought thuis was where the crankacase oil woud go but now i'm not sure.

this is an automatic tranny '85 Casal k=177

thanks for your help

Re: New

hmm.. your guess is as good as mine as far as the red plastic hole.. and noises can seem to be coming from someplace but are coming from somewheres else..

go here and d/load the manual.. Figure 7 on page 12 shows the proceedure for checking the level and changing the oil..

The original manual had greasy finger prints all over it, as you can see.. (you guys need a link to where you can buy hand cleaner?? ;) but you might be able to read every word if you have some kinda graphics editing program and play with the lightness and darkness of the scans..

Although the manual is brief and non-technical (and the writer's first language wasn't English) , there's a hell of a lot of stuff in there.. take some time out and get familiar with that bike..

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