malaguti, pre-mix

i just bought a 1978 Malaguti Commuter (thanks Fred!) and was wondering what the ratio is for the it 40:1? Also, does anyone recommend a particular type of two stroke oil to buy?'s my first moped and just learning, so i am sure this isn't my first post...thanks for any help and suggestions!


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Yes.......that's good enough with a quality oil. Is it Franco_morini single speed or 2-speed .....or Minarelli powered?

The single speed Franco-Morini has a starter clutch actuating lever atop the right side engine.The starter clutch cable pulls this lever and enables you to start the engine.

The 2-speed has no lever on top of the right side engine, but only a cable which enters the tranny. don-ohio

Re: malaguti, pre-mix


It is the Communter II, so it is the two speed. It has the Morini 2-speed. I don't know when the last time the tranny oil was changed either as I bought it used.


Re: malaguti, pre-mix

Fred.....Lauren.....the MO2 runs really well for me with Pennzoil Marine Synthetic Blend from the sporting goods section at Wal-Mart for 9.96 a gallon. That is great oil! Mix it at 40:1.

The tranny oil recommended is 20 or 30 weight Non-Detergent motor oil. Takes 15 oz. to fill it after completely draining both drain plugs.

Take care to never squeeze the starter clutch lever when running the engine. It is ONLY to start the engine.

Anything I can help you with,just ask. don-ohio (:^)

PS.: If you want a little more boost, Chris MWH has 60cc Polini kits for that engine and they are great!

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