My gas tank cleaning tips.

Oh my god this worked so well.

First I rinsed the tank thoroughly with water. Then, and this is what worked better than anything else I've ever tried, I dumped in a box of 1500 BBs (the small brass balls typically fired from a BB gun) and shook the sh!t out of it for about 20 minutes.

Then I dumped out, and saved the BBs for re-use (they rinsed perfectly clean). Rinced the tank with water again and then poured in a gelled rust remover. This is a much thicker version of the same stuff I used to use so it clung to the inside walls of the tank better. I shook the tank with this stuff in it for another 20 minutes, poured it out and rinced again with water.

Finally I flushed the tank with some fuel mix and then a spray of WD-40. I also plan to add some water remover to my first full tank.

The tank looks so clean. The BBs did an amaxing job.

Re: My gas tank cleaning tips.


i was using gravel.. a little messy.. but distructive on the rust.... BBs are HOT> this is the solution.. good stuff G-NETT.. later brown

Re: My gas tank cleaning tips.

I tried nuts and degreaser on my Magnum tank but flakes of rust still stick to metal. I'm planning on using Kreem to get rid of rust, should I try to remove the flakes first with BB's?


Re: My gas tank cleaning tips.


I just picked Kreem. They advise putting nuts, bolts, bbs in the tank with Dish soap or a detergent cleaner before doing the acid treatment. It probably would not hurt to do this first...

Re: My gas tank cleaning tips.


What Gelled rust remover did you use? I have seen the Rust remover by Zep at Home Depot and some of said that worked well also..

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