tomos forks jamed

I have a problem my forks on my tomos targa Lx are jammed. Is there any way to fix them every time I hit a bump I almost lose control. Thanks for any help or info please post if you know anything cuz im trying to fix ASAP thanks

Re: tomos forks jamed

grease the bearings maybe?


Re: tomos forks jamed

No I dont think its that. does anyone else no how i can fix it thanks

Re: tomos forks jamed

you don't provide a lot of clues.. Does jammed mean they dont compress when you hit a bump? or are they stuck short and won't come out?

When did the trouble start? Did you hit a pot hole and maybe bent something a little?

I dont know about your bike but if the tubes take oil and you over-filled the tubes all the way up with oil they won't be able to move..

need more information..

Re: tomos forks jamed

Never mind i got it fixed the wen dowm to far and would not compress all the way up

Re: tomos forks jamed


but i wonder why its possible that a fork can bottom out and get stuck. I doubt it was made that way. I would guess something inside there is not perfect.

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