First Time Kreeming help

I am going to Kreem a tank for the first time! Any special pointer from the experts out there?:

1.) Pre-prep: Nails to loosen up the rust? With what liquid?

3.)Dilution (for a 1 gallon tank)?

2.) How long to keep in the tank? So not to eat a hole in it..

3.) What to do with etcher when done? How to handle it? What kind of container to put the used etch in?

4.) What to do with used Liner etc..?

Thanks for the help!


Re: First Time Kreeming help

I just did my tank about a month ago, it only had light rust so I didn't need to put nails or ball bearing in there, but I did rinse vigorously with Soapy water, for a little over a gallon I used half a bottle of Tank Prep A (or whatever the first one was called), I left it in overnight (well vented), I rinsed the wash down the drain with lots of water, used the drying agent, then I poured in the liner, draining the excess back into the bottle, it ended up looking thin in some places and runny in others yet it works great.

Good luck.


Re: First Time Kreeming help

Bruce Wilkinson /

I coated and recoated mine several times with 10 minutes in between.

Re: First Time Kreeming help

For people who have non-removable gas tanks, what's the best way to rotate the moped so that Kreem gets all over it?

Re: First Time Kreeming help


Ask Althea from Mission 23. She did her Sachs...I know she had to flip it over..

Re: First Time Kreeming help

Bruce Wilkinson /

I did a Ciao and a Si. Two people lift and turn the moped in every direction. Let it sit for 10 min. and turn the bike again Take off the gas cap and put duc tape over the hole so as to not Kreem the cap. Keep doing it and coat it many times. Drain the leftover Kreem back into the bottle. The prep part is very important so the Kreem will adhere to the tank. bruce

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