Peugeot blowing lights

So, I got one Peugeot running, but I keep blowing lights. This model is only equipped with a head light, tail light and stop light. I also noticed that there is no rectifier or zener diode on the bike. When I put my volt meter across the headlight I read 24v. The wiring, the same on both Peugeots I picked up, seems original. Does anyone know if I require some kind of rectifier to lower the voltage to 6v? It's starting to cost me for these bulbs! Thanks for any help on this.

Re: Peugeot blowing lights

You need a new rear bulb for the stoplight to work. It's a dual-filament, and it's common for one to go out. Mine's the same way.

Check if your speedometer light is burnt out. My Peugeot burnt out headlights all the time, and I believe it's because my speedo light isn't working. What I did was replaced the standard sealed-beam headlight (expensive to replace) with a mounting kit for using standard bulbs. Good thing too, because I've burnt out quite a few lights since then. Instead of fixing the speedo light, I bought a 12V bulb from a local auto store. It's a little dimmer, but it doesn't burn out nearly as easily as the 6v. If I go down a hill too fast, though, it will burn out. But that's at about 40mph, so it's not hard to deal with.

Re: Peugeot blowing lights

Dan Beeson /

Thanks Matt, but 12v won't do the trick. Neither will 14v. The bike is actually only set up for a tail light, and no brake light. The magneto has only 1 wire from the lighting coil. The bike is a Euro/Canadian version, therefore, the headlight is square with a built-in speedo. And to tell you the truth, alot uglier than the American model. Looking closly at the wiring, it appears stock and has no rectifier. The wire from the magneto feeds the horn and proceeds to the light switch, from the light switch there's just a wire going to the headlight and one to the taillight. simple huh? a little too simple I think. Do you or anybody know where I can get a rectifier for this bike? I don't even know if that will do the trick. Thanks again.

Re: Peugeot blowing lights

Ah, the Euro model. Nate of our branch has one and has been having light troubles with it too. I know nothing of electrical components, sorry.

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