'78 Motron Medalist Problems!

Hey everybody, here's my story...

Picked up a sweet little Motron the other day for $50. The guy I got it from is moving away, and he was the pastor in my town. He said that the compression is fine, and he has unseized the motor, but it's still not running. It is definitely sparking, (I know because I stupidly was holding onto the spark plug wire when trying to turn it over to see if it was sparking... man I can be dumb sometimes) and it has compression (I can hear it try to start every time) but for some reason it just won't kick in. I need some help with the carb, the moped junkyard site has the explosion, but it doesn't list parts...

All my previous experience is with a Bing carb, so any comparisons to the Dellorto would help a bunch. Wednesday I will be playing with it again to get it to work... stupid rain is keeping me away now. I hate Massachusetts in the early spring.

Re: '78 Motron Medalist Problems!

Take the carb out and clean it thoroughly. I bet that's the problem, if in fact compression is "fine" (which is interesting, after a seizure). Carbs are generally easy to take apart and put back together. I would just do it, and take it slowly so that you remember how it goes back together. Usually they're very logical.

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