76 Hercules "sluggish"

My '76 Hercules has always been sluggish after riding for a little while, usually only sluggish off the line and tends to almost die whenever I come to a stop. Anything sound serously wrong with it? Hopefully it is something simple or just the engine showing its age. Thanks.

Re: 76 Hercules "sluggish"

Have you cleaned your carburator lately?

Re: 76 Hercules "sluggish"

clean the carb

as for "almost dieing when i stop" maybe you need to turn your idle up just a bit?


Re: 76 Hercules "sluggish"

i have a 78 hercules and i know what you mean when you say slugish off the line, mines like that too but mine use to almost die when i came to a stop but all you gotta do is turn the idle screw in the carberator and you will have no more problem, thats what i did and mine runs fine

Re: 76 Hercules "sluggish"

annother thing to check with the sachs motor is that you have enough tranny fluid. If you get low, the clutch will stick, and die when you stop.

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