tail lights 77 maxi one speed

hey . i just wanted to know any suggestions on why my tail light will not work, i replaced with a new bulb and nothing i thik the wiring is right, the headlight .speedo light and brake lights all work so i asumed that the tail light would work but it didnt .i do have a 12 volt light in the head light assembly works good, could this be drawing to much power from the system thus not allowing the tail light to work ,please help

Re: tail lights 77 maxi one speed

You have a 6volt/5 watt taillight bulb in there? Make sure your headlight bulb only pulls 25 watts max., and actually it might be supposed to have an 18 watt one in there.

If there's no power there at all, the ground must be bad in the fender area or in the wire connecting to the fixture? don-ohio

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