No Spark

I just got a motobecane mobylette from a friends grandfather. He's had it in is shed for years. It used to run, but I don't know when the last time was. I have tried to start it and had no luck. I cleaned the points and checked the spark plug boot with a volt meter and it is putting out power. I put in a brand new spark plug (the reccomended one from the owners manual) and it still doesn't spark. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Re: No Spark

Christian Hanner /

talk a look in the posting titled Motobecane 50V engine problems. its in the repair forum.

You may find you answers in there, its also the longest thread. Good Luck,

Christian Hanner

Re: No Spark

Jason Luther /

my puch kinda had the same problem. the boot wasnt making good contact with the plug, so i took some sand paper and cleaned the little prong up inside the boot. worked great.-jason

Re: No Spark

John Hobden /

Well, I couldn't get my fat fingers in far enough to clean the contact point on the boot, so I went down to the local ped shop and got a new boot. Sits real pretty and gets lots of juice. However, still can't see it sparking. Checked the (new) plug using the lawnmower and it definitely can spark. I think part of the problem is just getting some of the idleness out of it. I was peddling like crazy yesterday and the lights came on for the first time since I've had it. Any other ideas on the spark issue? I don't know what else it needs to spark.

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