Bent Pedal Crank arm

Hey all.

One of my pedal crank arms is rubbing against my Garellis' transmission casing (The right side). The moped must have accidentally tipped at some point (and landed on it bending it in). Any suggestions on how to bend it back out??



Re: Bent Pedal Crank arm

Yes.............take it off and lay it so the gap of the bend is underneath(arm bowed up) . Then on a SOLID SURFACE like a garage floor, I strike it with a 3 lb. Estwing hammer(any heavy hammer will do) and straighten it. Okay? don-ohio

Whack method

If you can remove the pedal arm from the pedal shaft, take it off wrap it in a shop towel, lay it on a flat hard surface and whack it with a small sledge hammer to bend it in the opposite direction.

Put it back on the pedal shaft with it the down position and stand in back of the moped and see if the pedal is level with the ground. If it isn't ,slip the pedal arm off and whack it some more.

When you think you have it straight, slip it back on the pedal shaft and turn it to make sure it covers the side covers.

Re: Whack method

YUP! ZIPPY and ME........... we be BUDS! The tried and true method...........verified by Zippy! don-ohio (:^D

Re: Whack method

YUP, indeed!

If all else fails use the BFH!!

Re: Whack method

Thanks Don and Zippy!

Who says you can't fix a moped with a sledge hammer!!


Re: Whack method

Yeah and it just feels good to hit something with a sledge hammer once in awhile.

Good ole American ingenuity, works in Ohio as well as in California. What a great country.

Happy Trails

Re: Whack method

HaHaHaHaaaaaaa! I've straightened a many of them and never broken one yet! Just like my ole back-yard mechanic friend , Delbert LeMaster said................`Don, if it won't go, DON'T force it!...........Just get a bigger hammer!' LOL! don-ohio (:^)

Re: Whack method

So here is my question. I have a crank arm with a bent pedal boss. The crank arm is straight, but the pedal points down when this crank arm is in the lowest point of its travel, I can see the stretch in the threaded hole when the pedal is threaded half way in.

Im cautiously staying away from the Whack! method due to the fact i don't want to get a 9/16" left hand threaded tap ($$$).


Re: Whack method

Get a new pedal arm or have it brazed straight. Those pedal arms wear out sometimes and it can't be helped. don-ohio

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