ohio don.. got a ?

hey man.. sorry about the direct questioning.. just stumped..

my batavas was drunning great.. then i went on a long ride.. and it just died on me.. i thought it over heated.. so i waited.. but no go.. i just got to it.. today.. and it was pain to start.. pulled the plug.. it was oilly.. cleaned it up.. checked the compression fuel and spark.. and she started up.. a little hesitant.. like a dirty fuel line.. then it putters to a stop... while driving... and i can't get it started again.. is it the clutch oil. or what. .. i have a jawa.. doing the same thing.. but i think thats the fuel line. ,,, i guess my real question.. is how do i know if i wreck my cylinder.. with out pulling it out. thanks man.. brown..

Re: ohio don.. got a ?

Nah....sounds like a fuel supply problem to the carb or dirty carb,Brown. Replace the spark plug, check for fuel and gas cap venting, and then make sure the points are cleaned and gapped okay.

To check the cylinder, you can look up thru the exhaust port, but I usuall just check compression and if it's good,probably the piston and walls are good. don-ohio (:^)

Re: ohio don.. got a ?

your the man. thanks..

i keep trying


Re: ohio don.. got a ?

Yer doin' good,Brown.........Keep on keepin' ON!' don

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