puch 2speed QUESTION

Tyler Jacobson /

ok my puch is starting to shift a little noiser i think.. or maybe i am just paranoid it has about 3000 miles on it i have only had it for umm maybe 200-300 miles but here is my main concern i lost a washer the onther day when taking my intake off and could never find it im woried it may have gotten down in my gears somehow QUESTION is how hard it it to get in the gear case and look around (i know to drain it first) should i even bother trying to fix a little problem before i get a BiGGER one or should i just drive it into the ground??? thanks a ton

whats up with replacing the insides the clutch and what not


-good parts?

-how easy to do?

Re: puch 2speed QUESTION

it can't get into the gearcase unless you had the cover off the side. The intake only opens to the crankshaft. don-ohio

Re: puch 2speed QUESTION

If it got into the crankcase you need to take off the cylinder head and cylinder and blow air into the crankcase. lift the back wheel up and use some carb cleaner along with the air if you have to

Re: puch 2speed QUESTION

If you need to get into the gearbox, it isn't hard. Simply take the cover off (being careful of the gasket), then jam a 10mm socket between the chain sprocket (without the chain on) and the magneto on the left side...that will keep the transmission from turning over while you take the nut on the large gear off. Be careful that you remember the order everything is in.

Re: puch 2speed QUESTION

Jason Luther /

i still say there is no way the washer is in there (in the cylinder)-jason

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