magneto and coil issues

I just bought a pair of 1975 Peugeot 103s and I'm having ignition dificulties. First of all, I cleaned the points and filed them a bit. One bike sparks here and there and the other doesn't at all. I was about to order a couple of point sets when I read something very informative on the internet. The article stated that engines with only a high tension ignition coil inside the magneto tend to short after a period of time. They state that to remedy this problem is to switch to a low tension coil inside the magneto, which then connects to a high tension coil outside the magneto, like most bikes have. If I have an extra lighting coil for the Peugeot, would that work as a low tension coil for the ignition? Also, If I put an ohm meter across both leads going through the condensor, should I have resistance? The ohm meter reads no resistance...I could have a bad condensor as well? But that should affect the fact I have no spark right? anyway, I would greatly appreciate any help on this subject.

Re: magneto and coil issues

If its a condenser problem its a easy fix just go down to your local auto zone buy a car condenser the type with the wire coming out, ground the condenser to the frame and the condenser wire ties into the coil wire, attach it to the hot side not the grounded side and especially not the spark plug wire

Re: magneto and coil issues

Thanks Ray! Now let me get this straight, a bad condenser will affect the spark? How would I go about testing the condenser for resistance? Thanks again!

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