cylinder problem???

Tim Phillips /

Hey everybody! This is my first time posting on this site but I have had a blast looking through all the forums and have learned alot. I have a 1979 Honda PA50II that i'm trying to get on the road. I took it out of the barn this spring and decided I would try to fix it up. It runs pretty good but won't idle. I took the carb off and cleaned it with carb cleaner, blew it out with compressed air and reassembled it following the directions i found from someones (maybe Freds?) post. I also added a fuel filter. It started up fine with the choke on but I still couldn't get it to idle. It just sputters out. So,

-I bought a new plug (theres a nice blue spark)

-checked the compression (it can easily blow my finger off the spark plug hole)

-checked the timing using the thin paper method with the marks on the flywheel (looks good)

-cleaned the points

-cleaned the air filter

-and messed around with the idle and mixture screw on the carb, and it still wouldn't idle. I took apart the carb again and everything is nice and clean. So, I took off the cylinder head and that looked good but in the process I broke one of the bolts that holds it on. To get to it I had to take off the cylinder and this is what I found (attached picture). It looks like the bottom of the cylinder where it fits into the crank has started to wear away or something- it's all black and pitted on the outside. Is this why it won't idle? Have the intake ports enlarged making the engine flood? And I guess my main question is do i need a new one and where could i get one? Sorry for the long post but this is the only thing i can think of that would prevent it from idling correctly and i was hoping someone could help. Thanks!



Re: cylinder problem???

hey man.. check your exhaust.. see if its clogged


Re: cylinder problem???

Tim Phillips /

I checked the's not clogged. The exaust port isn't clogged either. Thanks for the reply, Brown. Any other ideas? :)

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