SACHS clutch/decomp cable replacement

Help! I KNOW someone has done this..

I need to know how to replace the decomp/clutch cable on a SACHS. Where the cable goes through transmission case is not large enough to put the new cable through unless I unsheath the entire cable and back it through, which may be difficult as there is an end fitting on the cable...

There has to be a better way! ANyone replace a clutch/decomp cable on a SACHS??


Re: SACHS clutch/decomp cable replacement

You're correct. It has to be unsheathed and put through the hole. It is not difficult if you have a good new cable. But if you are using an old cable with frayed ends it will be very difficult.

Re: SACHS clutch/decomp cable replacement

Thanks, Brendan...therein lies the problem..I have a new cable, but once I knock that little end piece off to get it through the sheathing, I may very quickly have frayed ends!! ..and I don't mean a bad hair day! thanks again, I will give it a go tomorrow...seems like WD-40 or cable lube should help as well...

Re: SACHS clutch/decomp cable replacement

What 'little end piece' are you refering to? The cable should only have one end that connects to the clutch lever inside the transmission.

bicycle cable

Dave Chudak /

could you not use bicycle cable for a decompression cable... it is not a crucial cable (if it failed and snapped you would be in little danger... its only a decompression valve)....

bicycle cables come in all sorts of lengths, some with nubbs on the end which would almost perfectly fit most decompression valve assemblies...

is this a bad idea?

Re: bicycle cable

I have the exact replacement cable...however, it does not slide easily through the sheath...I haven't really tried yet.. I will try latler today and report...thanks for the help....

Re: bicycle cable

Jake Van Order /

I just use a bicycle brake cable. I bypass that crappy decompression valve due to them being made out of metal that is weaker than rice paper. It makes it a little harder to start but that beats trying to fix that little valve switch on the side of the road with needle-nose pliers.

You do have to take the wire out of the sheath and than thread it through the hole in the case. I usually just look for the light inside of the case and aim for that. As for the fraying, I usually solder the end to put an end to that.

Good luck


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