stiff throttle

I just bought a 1981 Vespa Si and the throttle is really stiff. Sometimes when I twist it, it won't go at all. I thought it was the cable, but I replaced it and the throttle is still doing the same thing. The weird thing is it's intermittent; It'll work for a while and then stop. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

Thanks for the help/

Re: stiff throttle

something is binding the slide or somelplace aroung the area of the carb, check all twice

Re: stiff throttle

I have 2 vespas and they both had real stiff throttles when I got them. It was kind of like cruise controll. I could twist the throttle and it would stay in the poistion I last left it. Kinda cool because I was able to ride with no hands. There should be a small notch between the throttle grip and throttle housing on the front side of the bike. take some spray lubricant and put on the tiny tube that it comes with. stick the tube in the notch and soak it whle you twist and release the throttle. That should take care of it. a few applications may be necessary.

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