Jawa 50cc moped - not running

Hey there everyone,

I am thinking about buying a Jawa 50 cc, but the engine doesn't run. The owner says it turns over and it sparks. My husband has worked on small engines before, but I just wondered if anyone had any ideas as to what could get it running. Anything would be helpful. Thanks!

Re: Jawa 50cc moped - not running

I just bought one.. not running..

6 hours later i was cruizing,... no parts really.. it depends on the year

so you got to make do.. with whats on the bike.. or be creative..

now the clutch is acting whack.. so.. i have to check that. ..

just tell your husband.. spark.. KEY when buying it.. finding electrical parts are impossible.. pull out the sparkplug and keep it attach to the wire from the coil.. have some one pedal the bike as you touch the end of the spark plug to the engine case.. if you see a spark.. your cool. now.. cram your finger in the sparkplug hole.. and pedal.. if your finger gets blown out.. with some air pressure your set.. all thats left is gas through the carb. clean it.. the fuel tank .. the line.. the filter.. everything.. so gas is flowing good. then your set.. the bike wil start. it should if theres not some else major. .. but your husband should know that.. tuff call though.. first time buyers should get a running moped.. its easier.. i guess. i wouldn't no all that if i didn't get a running bike first..

hope that helped..

brown.. ps anyone else reading this.. my clutch is pinging.. pinig ping ping.. any ideas.. brown

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