what year? do i realy need a title?

Nicola Visaggio /

So, I bought this bike of some guy in Virginia, I live in Philly, there was no title on the bike, as he salvaged it off a farm house job, he was cleaning. So, can anyone tell me how I find out what year this bike is (VIN #'S, ?) I'm pretty sure it's a bravo, from other pic's. If there's anyone in PA...Is a title necessary for a moped. I looked in Penn Dot, but i found no documents saying so.

Any help or information would be great, also I want to put directional lights (blinkers) on so if any one knows anything about that or where I may find good parts, send me a line.

Any one in Philly, want to tool around? Check out my bike pic.


Re: what year? do i realy need a title?

Call BMV, varies from state to state.

Maine needs no title for like 125cc and under.

Title services are expensive-- you might do better selling it to a pal in a "no title" state and then buying it back and the "no title" state will then issue a title for use in the original location.

there are title companies that do this but a friend is better.

make out a bill of sale, have the "non title" guy register, insure and tag it (probably about 50 bucks) then immediately sell it back to you-- fill out the title request forms and you'll have a new one presto.

the companies do the same thing but are really $$$$!!

Re: what year? do i realy need a title?

Oh, yeah, as per your title, yes, I don't know specifics but after an amount of years most states waive the titling.

Re: what year? do i realy need a title?

Christian Hanner /

contact bmv/dmv and tell them you need a title replacement.

but, I suggest you first ask your insurance company what the rules are in your state. let 'em know the make and year and they'll let you know, if you need a title, if your brand can be registered,etc.

its a good and FREE start. Christian Hanner

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