Air leak question

What are the symptoms of an air leak between the carb and cylinder?

Running too lean is the obvious problem, but what kind of indicators are there for running too lean or rich besides a plug chop?

Is running lean the only symptom?

Re: Air leak question

Bogging and needing choke to run.Hard starting. Whitish plug, and I have even seen a black,sooty plug, I guess from incomplete combustion.

Main thing......DON'T guess. Drip some carb cleaner around the connections to see if rpm changes. Do this before engine gets real hot. If checking engine when hot,drip WD 40 instead. don-ohio

Re: Air leak question

Michael Miehle /

Thanks Don, great tip i haven't heard before makes perfect sense though. I am wrestling with a similar problem. Mike

Re: Air leak question

Sure,you're welcome,Mike. Hope it helps! don-ohio

Re: Air leak question

Thanks; I'll try that.

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