need help on a honda express starter spring

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hello,ive been working on a honda express for a like a couple of days now.Every time i reset the starter on the L case,its slips.Im talking about the spring that has a hook in front of the main gear on kick starter spline.There is two notches on the case,does the hook go between them?I cant get enought tension to make enough revolutions to start the express.I can get it to start once then after that i lose all kind of tension in the starter.I just newly redone this express and i get it started and it dies and since i cant get enough revolutions to start it.ITs one and done.Mopeds are so much easier than these wind up scooters.So please somebody tell me what im doing wrong?



Re: need help on a honda express starter spring

So I take it you have the wind-up starter, where you pop the left brake to start it... was the moped always like this, if not when did it start? It sounds like you split the case halves? If so you're spring probably isn't set right... now I can't remember how it looks in there, but I know if I set it right once(and I did), you definately can!


Re: need help on a honda express starter spring

go here for detailed info.

There is a difference in NA 50s and NU50s so be specific when asking,okay? don-ohio

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