The Lamp on my Ciao

David Johansson /

hello there!

i found this forum and i hope i can get some help here. i have an old piaggio ciao (could be an -85), that runs, just that the lamp doesn't work anymore. it worked when i got it though. the lamp back broke and i removed it. could be then it stopped to work, that it has something to do with that (that it needs a closed circuit or something), but i tried to put it back and it didn't work. now the backlamp is lost and the "front lamp" is dead.

what is needed for my front lamp to work?

maby its hard to understand what i mean, but i blame it on that english is only my second language :)

ask me if you don't understand.


Re: The Lamp on my Ciao

Bruce Wilkinson /

There are different headlights on the Ciao. Can you post a photo of your headlight ? bruce

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