Targa Headlight

Hey -

My headlight isn't working right, and I can't find out why not. Any special connections I should check or anything? I figured this would be pretty simple that's why i'm doing it myself. Thanks.

Re: Targa Headlight

Leon Swarmer /

Do you have a voltmeter or a test light (of the right voltage)?

unplug the headlight and put the test leads on the wires that go to it. If they operate correctly then buy a new bulb.

another way is to make mini jumper cables and connect the bulb directly to the battery for a few seconds. If it lights you are looking for a disconnect..if not, buy a bulb.

It could have three wires going to it...high, low, and ground.

don't mix them up. have fun


Re: Targa Headlight

Reuben Mahaffy /

i know that on my targa, the lead on the back of the headlight likes to come loose from vibration. Your problem might be as simple as that...

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