FA-50 Vacuum lines

Larry Buyan /

Anybody got a pic or diagram of how the vacuum lines connect up on a FA50 (1986). Thx.

Re: FA-50 Vacuum lines

Neil Richardet /

Are you referring to the 2 fuel lines that go from the fuel tank to the fuel petock then to the carburator ? Specify where they are not connected and I can take a digital photo of my FA50 at the palce where you need to know how to connect them.

Re: FA-50 Vacuum lines

Larry Buyan /

Thanks Neil.

There is a long vacuum line coming from the gas tank area that is just hanging.

There is a vacuum inlet right above the idle and mixture adjust screws that is open.

My makeshift air cleaner does seem to improve thisng. Did you say you are just missing the cover to your air cleaner assembly and fashioned a cover? Or did you relplace the whole air cleaner assembly using the original filter?

Thanks for the help!

Re: FA-50 Vacuum lines

Phil Meisinger /


Did you get the info you needed? I need the same.



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Re: FA-50 Vacuum lines

The long line from inside the metal gas tank area may be your battery vent tube and doesn't plug into anything. The fuel petcock has a vacuum line that plugs into the intake manifold (motor side of carb) to provide vacuum for the fuel pump inside the petcock assembly. The other line is the fuel line that goes to the fuel inlet on the rear (air inlet) side of the carb.

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