need help with cleaning Kinetic carb

I have a 2000 Kinetic TFR and it looks like I need to clean the carburator. Does this mean I have to remove the carburetor entirely? If so how do I do this without making a mess? This is my first moped and so far I've only been able to drive it around the block a few times. The engine dies when it goes idle. If the problem is something else then please give me some advice.


ZIPPY!?....need help with cleaning Kinetic carb

Zippy,among others, is the resident Kinetic EXPERT. Have you turned the idle screw in(clockwise)? Or have you replaced the spark plug? don-ohio (:^)

Re: need help with cleaning Kinetic carb

Sounds like the idle jet is clogged up. Probably best to take the carb off and clean it. The Kinetic carb is very similar to the Vespa moped carb so you can go to this link to see how to disassemble the carb for cleaning, once you have it off the bike.

It is kinda of cramped on a Kinetics trying to get the carb off so the easiest way I've found is to basically separate the frame (top of the bike) from the subframe and lift the frame high enough above the engine to allow easy access to the carb.

I have 4 tie down straps over cross beams in my garage (2 for the front each side and 2 for the rear each side). I attach the tie down ends to the frame and then remove the two bottom bolts on the rear shocks and the one big bolt at the front of the engine so i can lift the frame away. You may have to first disconnect the rear brake cable at the rear wheel and a few wire connections to allow the frame to be lifted upwards.

Remove the plastic air cleaner box from the back of the carb.

Then you can remove the two screws that hold the top on the carb and pull the throttle slide and spring up out of the carb and move it to one side. Then remove the fuel inlet pipe(the banjo) leaving the fuel line attached to the inlet pipe and also move it to the side.

This allows access to the 8mm hex head secruing bolt that your loosen and then wiggle the carb towards the back of the moped and it should slip off.

Once you have it off you can follow the pictues in the link for disassembling and cleaning.

I know it sounds like a lot of work but it is easier than trying to bust your knuckles and screw up your carb trying to get it off through that small opening.

You can use a very thin wire to clean out that idle jet along with some WD40 and compressed air.

Good luck


Glad you;'re there.Zipster!

So many times, I KNOW certain people can help, but I can't. When a GURU like you comes in and answers these mopeders, I feel thankful you are watching the forums. Thanks,Zippy! don-ohio (:^D

Re: Glad you;'re there.Zipster!

Thanks Don.

Got to hand all this knowledge on before I forget what my name is. Big 66 coming up this year.

Pic is of a recent custom Grande, that Zippy Jr (Wesley) and I did over the Winter.

This bike is being shipped to a new owner in Ft Collins, Colo.

Zuppy, er Hippy, oh heck Zippy


Re: Glad you;'re there.Zipster!

Hi,Zippy! Hey! My GraandPa lived to be 95 AFTER working at Goodyear Tire Corp in the 30s and 40s, so you may be mopeding past 100. So is Wesley your son? I've got a SON NAMED Weston, and you've got WESLEY? Great!! don-ohio (:^)

Re: need help with cleaning Kinetic carb

Thanks Zippy!

This is exactly what I needed. I'm going to try it this weekend, I'll let you know how it worked out.


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