hey gang,

Does anybody have a clear schemeatic or know how to wire up a 1985 Casal k-177? It's got a tailight with no wires to it, w working headlight when i pedal, a good headlight switch, clean contacts and seemingly new wiring harness. I can't get a sprak and was hoping i could troublshoot the eletrical system- i've heard that the tailight is a ground or somthing? this is a puch clone also

thanks a lot

Re: Casal K-177 WIRING HELP

John Joedicke /

You have a e-mail of a wiring diagram. John

Re: Casal K-177 WIRING HELP

Could you be so kind as to re-post / email that old wiring diagram to me? (If you still have it... almost a decade later!) Thanks!


Re: Casal K-177 WIRING HELP

im wiring one for a customer, ill repost the basics, if i can . its got blinkers and all sorts of cool shit

Re: Casal K-177 WIRING HELP

John Joedicke /

Ha ha old farts never die......

Moped riders has the owners manual in their repair section.

Link to wiring diagram..... for a 177 not a 168 (edited)


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