Bent axles, need source

Hey, I gotta a probem. My motobacon has a bent rear axle. does any one know where to find a 10mmx1.0mm pitch axle. I can find 9.5's all day long for MTB axles can't seem to find 10mm anything with a pitch finer than 1.5mm.

So? anyone out there got a clue?



Re: Bent axles, need source

I would look for a company that deals entirely in fasteners if it's really urgent; they can make a bolt to specs in a few minutes. They tend to be quite a bit stronger, too.

Re: Bent axles, need source

Handy Bikes or Mopedwarehouse. Akron Moped. Get the RIGHT axle......if you get one made, it has to be tough,but not brittle. don-ohio

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