trail 90 again now it smokes

ok i kick it over i used to hear my cam chain in side my motor so i fix that but now it seens like when i kick it over bunch of white smoke somes out i know its oil but i really dont know where what do u think i need rings,,, check my vavles to be sure there closeing althe way what do u think i should do and how to make sue the vavles r closeing this bike still has lots of power but now it smoke like a 2 stork haha i wanna know the easyest wy to fix this problem

Re: trail 90 again now it smokes

Probably a leaky float bowl,Shane. gasoline makes whitish smoke,sometimes a little bluish, and even black if air is restricted. Oil is generally blue smoke. Check the carb to see if it's leaking thru. try closing the fuel valve when you stop the bike every time and see if the problem goes away? Okay? don-ohio

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