motobecane mobylette ignition timing

Kevin Ibbetson /

still no spark after cleaning points so I'm going to remove them as there is continuity across the open points! ( short? ) I have no manual to tell me when the points should many degrees before TDC. Can anyone help?? thanks 1970 Motobecane " Mobylette "


hey guy

Dave Chudak /

hey man... there are several of us teaming up on this forum to fix our motobecanes... you are welcome to join us...

my guess is you need to replace the condensor..

are you sure that is a motobecane mobylette.. it look like a motobecane cady (chrome back fender, and different back of bike)

i have a 71 motobecane mobylette.... there is a thread started by "christian hanner", and its really full of good info on mbk's ... i suggest you read it....

ricardo also just posted a thread on how to take apart the magneto, and sand the points.... his runs nicely now, so talk to him too....

good luck.. they are super reliable bikes once they are running.... i cannot wait to finish mine...

Re: motobecane mobylette ignition timing

Hello my friend... see my forum how to clean the points... if the points are rusty, the rust will prevent the magnet field and it will have not power to send to the ignition coil... but first check the contact between the ignition coil and spark plug plug witha simple multimeter contunity test... just to see if everything is ok... if doesnt work ckeck the points...

tell me your progress

Greetings from portugal,


Re: motobecane mobylette ignition timing

Christian Hanner /

You sould check the manufacturers plate, Its kinda like a VIN plate on a car. You'll find it at the very front of the frame, right behind the front forks, the plate is commonly black with silver words. You will find your serial/VIN #, Your MODEL #(very important when asking possible model specific questions.

You'll also find the month & year your Motobecane was made as well as your Carburator Info and MPH Rating.

also if yours was made before Jan. 1978 the volyage on the magneto is 6Volts, If after it is 12 Volts.

Check the Manufacturers plate out first, Everyone wants to think there model is a Mobylette, But they all aren't.

Hope this helps focus your questions better,

Christian Hanner

Re: motobecane mobylette ignition timing

Mitch Buchannon /

I'm pretty sure it's a mobylette. I have the same one (and having trouble too). It's a mobylette 40, rather than a 50 or 50v. It' basically the hardtail version of the mobylette 50.

Re: motobecane mobylette ignition timing

John Joedicke /

Go to the Moped Riders site and look in moped repair section for a manual. You will get the method of doing the timing there.

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