piston stop

Edwin Johnson /

make your own

break out center part of old spark plug

thread for a long bolt.

my long bolt design?

Dave Chudak /

why not just use a bolt with threads that would fit in the spark plug hole, and be long enough to reach the piston near top dead center..

here is an idea.... using a bolt with the same diameter and thread pattern as the plug. you will need one that is fairly long (aprox 5 inches), but only has threads on the first inch or so.... then buy a die that is the same thread as the bolt, (and same thread as spark plug)....

now using the die, adjust the threads, so that it is in tight when the engine is at exact top dead center.... this will be trial and error, but if you take it a bit at a time, i'm sure you could get it pretty close....

i have yet to try making one of these, but i assume that this would be a good way to make one... what do you think of this idea? would it work guys? don?

Re: my long bolt design?

Sure.........anything that threads into the cylinder head a little ways will work. But you don't want to have it at TDC, just stop the piston 30 degrees BTDC is fine. A bolt with a hard plastic tip or hard teflon would be ideal. don-ohio

Re: piston stop

what is a piston stop for??

why would you use this for?

sorry for my naivety...



Re: piston stop

Christian Hanner /

For piston head reassembly I believe. Your piston can't move around during the reassembly process or it will get scratched(damaged) and that will foul everything up.

Hope that was accurate enough,

Christian Hanner

Re: piston stop

Edwin Johnson /

piston stop

used to stop crank /piston so you can loosen/ tighten crank end nut.

also can be used to find exact top dead center for performance tuning

Re: piston stop

I just got one from Chris @ mopedwarehouse and I love it.

It makes work much easer, $12 will save you a lot of frustration. Edwin, how do you measure TDC with piston stop??? Can't imagine how it works, it is just a screw.

Re: piston stop

Christian: your piston can move around when you reassemble the cylinder. Before you slide the cylinder over the piston, you give everything a light coating of two-stroke motor oil. It lubes everything up and protects it from scratching.

Re: piston stop

I use half STP oil treatment and half 2-stroke to prevent ANY scoring initially,and just in case the engine doesn't start immediately,but has to be cranked repeatedly. don-ohio

Re: piston stop

John Joedicke /

Great idea Don instead of purchasing break in lub for rebuilds. John

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