1973 Garelli Gran Sport Troubleshooting

I have just a acquired a 1973 Garelli Gran Sport moped. It is a 49cc model, has 500 miles, and side baskets on it. It has been in storage (in a garage) since 1987. I could not put down the offer when my friend said that he would give it to me free of charge.

This is the first moped that I have had, so I'm still new to this. However, I have ridden them several times before, and I know the basic functions.

I know that the engine takes a oil/gas pre-mix, but I do not, however, know the exact oil:gas ratio. When I received the moped, there was still some gas in it. I tried to start it up once I had some time last Sunday. On the first kick, the engine did not even sputter. I tried a few more times, and finally got it to start.

It smoked like a banshee when it was first up, but died down later. I was wondering if anyone knew what the problems could be for the engine not starting up right away, and what I could do to make it much easier on me and the moped.

Both the headlight and taillights worked, however, the blinkers did not. I was told by the previous owner that the blinkers ran off of a battery on the side. I presume that the blinkers did not work due to the battery. I have no idea if inside the battery there are slots for other batteries, or if I have to get and entirely new battery. I would like to know what batteries it takes and if not, where I could find a new battery that is the same size as the stock one.

Also (just for laughs and giggles), I would like to know if the Gran Sport has the ability to ride a second person on the rear deck.

Thank you for your reply.

Re: 1973 Garelli Gran Sport Troubleshooting

Leon Swarmer /

Welcome to the gang Greg,

First of all a new spark plug properly gapped does wonders.

Check Fred’s Guide under articles. It is amazing how many answers are found there.


Riding double is illegal in some states.

My 75 Garelle Eureka has no battery at all. No turn signals either. 'Sounds like you got a great deal though.

Is this a box battery with three fill holes on the top?


Re: 1973 Garelli Gran Sport Troubleshooting

Be careful it's not like a Honda, and blows the headlight bulb if there's no battery installed. No, don't ride 2 normal-sized adults, but an adult and a kid up to 70 lbs. might be alright for short trips in slow traffic. don-ohio

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