honda pa-50 crankshaft

Ok, here's the deal:

I bought an old cheap honda pa50(II)...the guy almost gave it to me because the crankshaft was broken...

now, it's time for me to fix it, but i got a couple of questions:

Will a honda hobbit (pa-50(I)) crankshaft fit on my pa-50(II)?

What are the differences between the pa50 (I)and (II)?

and what gaz/oil ratio should i use for this engine(the guy didn't know...he was a idiot...)?

thanks all

Re: honda pa-50 crankshaft

Timmy Southpark /

i dont know the difference, but i think there the same. If you need any parts i have most of a motor, and the crank shaft is in good condition. i"ve also got good clutchs and points etc.... Let me know, thanks

Re: honda pa-50 crankshaft

Edward Edwards /

The bore & stroke, displacement, compression ratio are the same. the cylinders are machined differently:

PA50-ll exhaust: opens- 65 BBDC / port closes:65 ABDC / scavenge: opens- 47.5 / port closes: 47.5

PA50-l exhaust: opens- 57.5BBDC / port closes: 57.5 ABDC / scavenge: opens 45 / port closes 45.

Yes, either crank will fit. Honda recomends 25:1, but that was 25 years ago. The new oils of today are much better, I use 40:1 synthetic Amsoil thats 3.2oz to the gal.

Re: honda pa-50 crankshaft

Guillaume Bergeron /

i would like the entire motor, is it possible for you?, thanks!

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