how do i oil my brakes?

Charlie Bond /

i was reading my guide for my grande and it says that every 5000 miles you should oil down the brakes. how do i go about doing that? the rear brake squeaks really bad i have to get rid of it cuz it is driving me insane.



Re: how do i oil my brakes?

The guide is probably talking about oiling the brake linkages, not the brake shoes.

What ever you do do not oil the brake shoes!

As far as the squeek goes, I have no clue on how to help there. Wait for a post from someone who knows that.

Re: how do i oil my brakes?

Bruce Wilkinson /

You will have to remove the rear wheel, extract the hub and lightly sand any rust with fine emery cloth. Then clean the shoe and drum surfaces with brake cleaner. Like Kevin said 'DO NOT get oil on the shoe'. You can put a small drop of oil on the pivot hinge that holds the shoe on. bruce

brake cleaner....

Dave Chudak /

when you do take apart the brakes, use some brake cleaner on the pads before you re-install... this will ensure that there is no oil on the pads.... just make sure not to get the brake cleaner on the bearing.. only spray on the pads (when they are detached from the rest of the brake assembly)

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