Kevin Ibbetson /

Found a 1970 motobecane "mobylette" that was running when parked 8 yrs. ago. It looks pretty good overall but has no spark, checked all the usual stuff, plug, high tension lead, ground, electrical connections in the headlight . Next step is to have a look at the magneto under that cover with the big square hole in it. Is that a nut? I've tried the liquid wrench on it and used a strap wrench to secure the cover while I tried to get the "nut" to budge, no deal. Is it clockwise off or the other way? Any suggestions on it's removal or the no spark situation would be helpful, I don't have a manual. Also what is the switch on the handlebar for? On/Off? thanks Kevin


Re: electrics

Order a shop manual from Mopedwarehouse, and a new condensor. Then you are SET! don-ohio (:^)

Re: electrics

Richard Wisniewski /

dude i had the same problem it was the coil that was toast


Re: electrics

the switch is your engine kill switch

when you want the motor to run set it in the "ON" position

to kill the engine move it to the "OFF" position

the magneto

Dave Chudak /

1/2 inch square drive.. clockwise to loosen (left hand thread)

use a strap wrench... i have yet to accomplish this.. mine is also stuck like fuk.....

go to:


for the manual. it is under moped repair section.

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