smoking exhaust pipe

ok today i rode my ped for about 15 minutes

when i was putting it in the garage i noticed there was a little bit of smoke coming out of the exhaust. (not much sort of the amount that 3-4 birthday candles produce after they are blown out).


i was just wondering if this is normal.

1980 puch maxi luxe/1 speed/all stock

Re: smoking exhaust pipe

Sure,it's okay.........but maybe the carb is letting some fuel thru before you shut off the fuel valve? Leaky needle valve? don

Re: smoking exhaust pipe

That seems to be normal. It gets worse when your pipe gets carbon build-up or if you use really crappy oil.

Re: smoking exhaust pipe

yea it must be the cheap oil i use

ok thanks

Re: smoking exhaust pipe

Stefan Chivu /

I use 1,5$ cheap oil made by our national petrol producer, is it bad, does 15$ expensive oil make any difference ?

Re: smoking exhaust pipe

Of course! I had Amsoil Synthetic and switched to Redline which is more expensive. Thanks to Redline, my piston no longer scuffs (if I warm it up) and I got a gain of 1-3 mph and better torque.

Re: smoking exhaust pipe

Amsoil gave me a noticable HP boost, runs cleaner and no matter how rich I run it only the natural cheap stuff fouls plugs.

Plus, the synth is looser and will flow through an injector better.

No long contrail of 2-stroke smoke with amsoil.

on unmodded bikes it's any oil I can find.

Re: smoking exhaust pipe

I still prefer my Redline.

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