Exhaust carbon remove

how would i remove carbon buildup from an exhuast i read something about just craming a screwdriver in the end, wouldnt this ruin the muffler internals?

Re: Exhaust carbon remove

I say fill it up w/ lighter fluid and light on fire. Seems to clean BBQs well.

Re: Exhaust carbon remove

First take of the exhaust. Then scrape what you can scrape away from the exhaust port while you have the exhayst off.

Then to cleen the exhaust you can do one of several things.

You can take the exhaust to a radiotor shop and have them soak the exhaust in an asid bath to remove the built up carbon and gunk.

You can try oven cleener. Spraying it in the exhaust, letting it sit, and then muck about rinsing it out. Etc.

Or, you can burn out the carbon. When you do this make sure not to get the exhaust too hot. Many exhausts are brazed together rather than being welded, and the brazing will melt away at about the same temprature that gets the steel red hot.

Burning out the exhaust is more involved than just poring lighter fluid in it and setting it on fire. Some people use a propane torch to heat up the exhaust till it is red hot. This burns up the carbon and gunk, puting out some nasty looking smoke. Then, after the exhaust cools down the exhaust needs to be banged around a bit to dislodge the burnt up stuff inside. After doing all of this the exhaust will need to be repainted with a high temprature paint that is avalible at auto parts store.

Burning out the exhaust can also be done on an open fire. Just building a fire on the ground if you live somewhere that this can be done without getting in trouble, if not a fire in the barbeque grill will do. Place the exhaust in the fire, and burn it long enough so that it stops smoking, and gets red hot. Make sure that you have something to pull the hot exhaust out of the fire, and to turn it to heat each area of the exhaust. This is followed by letting it cool, banging out the excess ash, and repainting it.

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