Power - 1983 Honda PA 50

Hello All,

Just went out to get some new bulbs for my recently acquired 83 Honda PA 50 and they all blew again. I also replaced a fuse and it blew again too. For fun I hooked up a 12 V bulb and it was really bright. The generator, I think, is producing way too much juice. Do you guys think this is correct and is there any way to fix?

I appreciate all of your help.


Re: Power - 1983 Honda PA 50

Does this bike have a battery? Make sure it's in there if it has a place for one. How's the headlight? Sealed beam or replaceable bulb? Sounds like the rectifier may have went bad if it has a battery? But I am no expert on PA50s. don-ohio

Re: Power - 1983 Honda PA 50

Hi Don,

Thanks for the input.

The moped does have a battery and it is installed. Cannot figure out what is wrong. It is a sealed beam. What is a rectifier? Sorry about my naivety.

Thanks so much,


Re: Power - 1983 Honda PA 50

Never run it without a battery then,even if it's dead. A rectifier changes the AC voltage to DC and charges your battery. You need a shop manual if you don't have one. Search a seller called `assurity' on e-bay or talk to ZIPPY here to get a shop manual. don-ohio

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