Constant Wheel Spin & Yucky Sludge

Hi All,

I got a kickstand for my ped, so I now am able to work with a bit more ease on 1975 Bombardier Puch (Maxi) 1 Speed which I now have running fairly decently (finally) - though it still won't idle very well (it dies at idle, but runs great wide open) - but it is getting better and I think it is related to my two other 'issues':

1) When running, the rear wheel spins constantly, regardless of whether the clutch is engaged or not (yes, it has the right type and amount of fluid) - I suspect clutch plates may be a) rusted together b) over adjusted c) worn. Any thoughts appreciated.

2) When I had it running, while sitting on the kickstand, it (for a lack of a better term) 'puked' out a few ounces of quality black oily sludge from the tail pipe - I am assuming a combination of crap in tail pipe from sitting and possibly a need for rings. Any ideas?

2) b) It smokes something fierce! White Smoke!

Any help and thoughts welcome.


Re: Constant Wheel Spin & Yucky Sludge


Re: Constant Wheel Spin & Yucky Sludge

Mike Monigold /

1. My 1976 Puch Maxi S also spins the tire when up on the stand at idle. Maybe the idle needs to be slowed down a bit? I'm not real concerned since, as soon as I sit on it, it's fine.

2. The sludge out of the pipe could just mean that it needs to be cleaned out.

3. White smoke? That would tell me either that you have too much oil in your gas or that your carb isn't adjusted right or that you need a different jet size.

There are lots of knowledgable people on this site, many of which have Puchs. I'm sure you'll get some good advice.

Good Luck!

Re: Constant Wheel Spin & Yucky Sludge

Richard Wisniewski /

hey dude best edvice do the point gaps and TDC(ignition)

takethe pipe apart and use a coat hanger(metal) and clean it out. clean the carb as well.How is the comprestionof the motor?does it have good gasket seals for the top and bottom of the cylinder?

Im going to that junk yard soon maybe we can meet up? im thinking of heading out thier next week.


Re: Constant Wheel Spin & Yucky Sludge

Thanks Artman -

Yeah I think the idle is out a bit - going to have to fine tune it.

How do I clean out the tail pipe - I assume that the baffle at the rear comes off some how.

I think you may be right about the adjustment or the needle - too much oil would be black smoke?

Thanks again.

Re: Constant Wheel Spin & Yucky Sludge

Hi Rich,

Yeah, I think that the point gaps might need some work.

Will get the exhaust cleaned out - how does the baffle at the back come out?

I have taken the carb off and apart and cleaned it all.

Haven't checked compression yet.

No idea on the seals - haven't checked - though not sure if I am keeping it yet.

What are you looking for at the salvage - they really don't have much ped stuff in at last check.

My schedule is crazy right now - don't know if I am coming or going! My Ped is also stored at the inlaws and they are under some renovations right now.

So drop me a line and we shall see - no guarantees though.

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