Sachs 504 Jetting/Carb

I have my '77 Sparta running nicely but it goes only about 20mph. Anyone know the Jetting and Carb sizes and the top speeds? I had a '70s Sparta before and I know it went faster than this one. The Bing I have is a 85/10/101.

Any help would be great.



Re: Sachs 504/1 A, Jetting/Carb

First thing you need to do is get the bigger carb, the 85/12/101 with a #52 jet. That will help alot and it should run approximately 28mph.

Right now you have the 85/10/101 with a #50. That is the biggest restriction on the moped. Otherwise mess with your gearing.

Use a translator on this site:

and find out the exact specs for your 504 motor.

It might be a 504/1 D, or 504/1 B which were made to go slower, mostly restricted by the carb size.

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