Puch electrical problems

Ok, I just got my '58 MS-50 running like a champ, but I can't figure out the wiring. The tail light and brake light work fine, but the headlight doesn't work and the horn switch kills the motor. Strange huh? I know the headlight switch works because it kills the tail light when I turn it off. I don't really know where to start, since I don't have a diagram. I just bought an old manual and the diagram is different. Thanks everyone.

Re: Puch electrical problems

Tiffany Craig /

I finally got my Suzuki going with the battery, but I had to mess around and keep rewiring, and rewiring. If you can follow the wires then usually you can figure out where they need to be. Just be careful to clean the plates really well, beacuse if the connection is dirty they won't work well. Does it run on battery, or by engine power?

Re: Puch electrical problems

John Joedicke /

Check your e-mail for a wiring scheme. JJ

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