Honda Express - Fuel Leak

Alright I just picked up a 79 Honda Express... I'm having a couple of problems with it.

It _does_ run .. i can get it started and it smokes like hell. Though gas pours out of the carb in three places. I don't have an airbox for this either.

I've attatched a picture showing you where the gas leaks out. I'm not very familiar with this carb, maybe somebody can help me out




Re: Honda Express - Fuel Leak

hmm i also just picked up a honda express and have the same problem. i think the line must be so that the carb doesnt flood but thats just a guess. i only think this because it doesnt leak when its running but if its just sitting it just gushes out. thats the only place mine leaks though. if anyone can help us out with this i would appriciate it. thanks.

Re: Honda Express - Fuel Leak

Jason Luther /

i would say check your float needle. sounds like your float isnt shutting off the gas flow when the carb bowl is full.-jason

Re: Honda Express - Fuel Leak

I dismantled everything and it _seems_ okay ...

Though this is what I've noticed. The throttle doesnt really work well .. i have to tug on the cable going into the carb, and then push it back in .. and it will be fine ... but then when I pull the throttle back ... it doesnt fully shut off... which could possibly be the problem.

When I opened up the carb though.. the float seemed to work A-OK ..

The one thing I'm confused on is the big sharp needle that goes into the carb ... I've never seen one of those .. I've only worked with dellorto carbs. Is there anything I need to look for?

Thanks so much...

Re: Honda Express - Fuel Leak

These are touchy but the float needle isn't shutting. I had the same problem take the bowl off again and verify that the float is free and the needle is closing the inlet when the float is up. instead of turning the carb upside down and screwing the bowl on leave it right side up so the float hangs in the open position and put the bowl on. To check if it's in there properly gently shake it up and down and listen for the float to move freely. If you hear nothing then it's jammed open and you'll have to try again. The reason it doesn't leak when its running is it uses the fuel as fast as it can fill the bowl at idle the incoming fuel is greater than that going out. When you fix this it will take care of that sluggish acceleration when you take off from idle, because when you open the throttle the vacuum or venturi pulls all that gas in through the air intake and make it's extremely rich until it can clear it out.

Re: Honda Express - Fuel Leak

Thanks so much for the reply.

I took the carb off, put it together like you told me, listened for the float.. and everything seemed just perfect. I give it a start and it fires up, no leaking, throttle working properly ... looking just great.

I kill it for a second and then try starting it again ... no dice. Then it starts leaking again. Back to square one.

I'm guessing it just took a while to fill up the carb and i got lucky with it starting. I tipped the bike on its side and let all gas flow out of the carb. Let it sit for a minute, turned the gas on and let a little go in, still nothing.

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