Sachs - Chain Tension

The chain on my sachs looks a bit loose. I can move the chain upwardly about 1.5'' from its resting point in the middle of the chain. Should it be tighter? or is this fine?

Re: Sachs - Chain Tension

Edward Edwards /

Move the lower chain portion up and down. The measured distance should be 25-35mm ( 1 to 1 3/8"). If the chain free play is not within specified distance, adjust. This is taken from the owners manual.

Re: Sachs - Chain Tension

I moved the lower chain portion up and down, and the distance was about 1.6'' .. if the manual says between 1'' and 1.375'' (1 3/8) , is 1.6'' going to hurt the performace?

Re: Sachs - Chain Tension

Jake Van Order /

No, not really. The worst it might do is slip off after you hit a bump. Tightening too much hurts but not too loose. There is no reason not to tighten it to the right setting though.


Re: Sachs - Chain Tension doublecheck the tension, just have a friend sit on the bike that weighs about what you do or at least 160 lbs. If the bike has a swing arm type suspension, the chain will tighten some when you sit on it. If when there's weight on it, it has 1/2" up and 1/2" down play,total one inch movement or a hair less, you are okay.

This can vary widely though if an axle is bent or the sprocket on the rear is out of round or worn unevenly. don-ohio (:^)

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