c-70 headlights question

ok, so now my c-70 runs like a dream.. only.. my headlights don't turn on.. now, my question is: are the high beams and the low beams the same light bulb? and, if not.. what are the odds that both bulbs would burn out? if so.. would I have to special order a new bulb? these are probably all questions I could answer if I went out and unscrewed the.. globe? but.. I guess I'm just too lazy to do it.. and I have to work the next few days.. and I don't feel like doing it now.. at 1 in the morning.. anyway.. thanks for your help..


Re: c-70 headlights question

Most Japanese bikes use the battery in the circuit to help regulate voltage so you don't get spikes or surges. Maybe the previous owner started and ran it with NO battery or a dead battery. This would cause a power surge and blows the headlight, both filaments.

Go here for a new sealed beam http://www.dratv.com/elparpas.html

Re: c-70 headlights question

Yes.......and like Zippy said,it's sealed unless someone has cobbled it. If you can come across the kit that converts it to a replaceable,dual filament bulb,get that instead, because those sealed beams cost moolah. don-ohio (:^)

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