Leaking De-compression valve?

Hello, I just finished installing a new piston kit (Thanks Ike) in my 75 Maxi. I got her all running, but noticed the de-compression valve is leaking. Can I just plug it up with a bolt?If so, what size do I use?. If anyone can help, I would be thank full.


Re: Leaking De-compression valve?

It's there for a reason,I'd say. The pedaling start is geared high probably and may not want to turn it over. The compression release will make it easier on everything else, so I'd fix it right if it were mine.. don-ohio

Re: Leaking De-compression valve?

clean the valve seat

take the carbon off with an x-acto knife

Re: Leaking De-compression valve?

Frank, first try cleaning the decomp valve. US model puchs did not come with the valve but I do have them in stock new if needed. ( BTW. still working on your Handlebar mt).

Chris MWH



Re: Leaking De-compression valve?

Don-o, Hustler, and C-MWH, thanks for the advise. I took it apart, cleaned it and took off all the carbon, and it works great now!. Chris, get back to me when you know.

Thanks again boyz!


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