Garelli Magneto Removal

Is there a special tool to remove the Garelli Magneto or do I just use a standard wheel puller? Also are there special tools needed for adjusting the timing and points?

Re: Garelli Magneto Removal

Leon Swarmer /

Haynes says,(1975) paraphrased." Use the special extractor tool to remove the rotor as it is a keyed taper fit. A sprocket puller can be used to remove the rotor, but extreme care must be used to avoid a last resort a pair of levers could be used but damge risk is high and it is not recommended"

Re: Garelli Magneto Removal

Without a puller, the safest way is to spray the shaft after you remove the nut with rust dissolver letting it sit for a few hours, and then gently drive two or 3 BLUNT wooden wedges just under the lip of the magneto,but not touching anything under like the coils or wires. Then take two hammers and tap each side at the same time on the wedges to help pry it off.DON'T hit hard at all.

But MWH,Handy Bikes,or Akron Moped will sell you the proper tool for around 20 plus shipping. don-ohio (:^)

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