All my peds are dead!

When i first started to get into mopeds i had a 1984 QT50 which had stayed in the family sience it was new in '84. Then i found a '81 QT at my local dump and fixed it up and that ran excellent, after that i purchased a '79 PA 50 from a person who lived near me it never ran good from when we bought it. Now im sad to say i think i killed all of them cause one by one they stopped running, now i have a hole bunch of mopeds in my shed and im wishing to get them running again, what are some of the first things i should do when starting a moped that hasent ran in about a year?

Re: All my peds are dead!

Charlie Bond /

check freds guide, that helped me alot

Re: All my peds are dead!

flush the tank, clean the carb, buy a new sparkplug and put in new gas. you will be on your way my friend.

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