Hard to turn Handle bars how do i fix?

my handle bars are like hard to turn for my tomos targa when i want to turn with speed anybody know what wrong or how to fix?? when i was going like 40MPH its hard to turn but when i rode my friends Tomos Targa it was so smooth and easy please help me! see the pic of my 1996 Tomos Targa

Re: Hard to turn Handle bars how do i fix?

is it only hard to turn when you are going fast? do they turn freely when you are not moving?

Re: Hard to turn Handle bars how do i fix?

no they are still moving hard but i put WD-40 and its softer than it was

well... lets think about this

Dave Chudak /


if light lubrication works, then..... maybe greasing the headset would be a good idea....

it that doesnt work, then take apart the headset and see if the bearings are cooked (if there are any);.... if not, clean, grease, and re=assemble..


Do not use WD-40 on the bearings.

WD-40 is a DE-GREASER, and will eat the grease off of the bearings, and it will eb evnen harder to turn. Instead, get some actual bearing grease, and lube them up


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