hondap pc50 problem

Martin Orwinski /

I have a 1976 honda pc50 .

It starts up great and idles great at the beginning.

When I ride it for a 1km or so, it seems to lose a little bit of power.

The problem is that when I stop after that, it idles sometimes, sometimes it doesn't idle and dies (or and as soon as i give it some gas from a standstill, it dies very quickly (ie. as soon as i open throttle) - sometimes)

I checked the petcock, it is ok, fuel is getting in the carb (maybe not fast enough) - i checked the gas cap hole, it is fine. Once I start it again, it seems to run ok - until the next lights :)

I don't know what could be causing this. Anyone have an idea?

the other thing is that it backfires when i let close throttle quickly (so the points must be off a bit) - could this be it?

I checked the oil is fine. the muffler is not the problem.

I did a plug chop - it is good.

Any help is appreciated.

Re: hondap pc50 problem

Martin Orwinski /

by the way, i tried adjusting the idle screw and that doesn't make the problem go away.

Re: hondap pc50 problem

It sounds, like you said, Fuel is not getting in fast enough. Disconnect the fuel line and watch it run out for a few seconds. Make sure there is a steady stream coming out of the tank. And going into the bowl.

Re: hondap pc50 problem

Martin Orwinski /

I disconnected the fuel line (at the carb) and opened the petcock valve. The fuel came out strong.

Re: hondap pc50 problem

Martin Orwinski /

I fixed it. The ignition cable (at the spark plug) was worn out.

I cut 1cm off of it and now it runs, idles really well.

I guess that it becoming loose as soon as the rpms went up and lost spark as soon as i gave it gas (must have been the vibrations), it also explains the lose of power when riding it full throttle.

I am one happy mopeder.


Re: hondap pc50 problem

Good job,Martin! don

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