My moped is smoking!

Christopher Ericson /

I rode my moped for the first time since thanksgiving for about 10 minutes, when I came to stop, it was slightly smoking around the heatsinks and making a crackling sound for about 90 secs until it cooled off. The bike is a A3 bullet, I worked on the carb this winter, replaced a petcock and in the process spilled a bunch of shit all over the engine. I never really cleaned it up good... So... Is this the reason its smokin' and cracklin' cause there is shit all over my block and heat sinks... or is it something else? Please help, I want to ride to work tonight!!!



Re: My moped is smoking!

Probably 2-stroke oil all over the cylinder..

Did you happen to do any thing to the exhaust? if not Have you done plug chops to make sure you are not running lean?

Anyway sounds like oil on the cylinder.


Re: My moped is smoking!

possibly a blown head gasket. that crackling sound might be exhaust flying out of a gap in the head gasket that exploded. take off the head and look.

Re: My moped is smoking!

Christopher Ericson /

so, when my moped is turned off, its cracklin'... does that still mean exhaust is flying out the gasket? And, just as a general rule, don't I have to replace the gasket if I take the head off?

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