bit OT- Clutch for weedeater engine?

Bryn Truelove /

I just came across a really cheap 35cc weedeater engine in a hock shop, so I was thinking about grafting it onto a little bike, or maybe making a goped.

I think it would be pretty simple, and, if I got a light bike to get the power to weight ratio on my side, it should go quick, even with only 35cc (any thoughts on this by the way?) but my main question...

How would I work out the clutch? Is there a clutch built into weedeater engines? I can't belive there would be but I've never seen a big a$$ centrifigal clutch hangin off a goped. How do people get around that?

Any thoughts on this or anything else I might run into on this project would be great. Thanks

Re: bit OT- Clutch for weedeater engine?

there is a centrifical clutch bult into those things. you will have to attach a sprocket and then use a chain to drive the wheel or axle. 10 speed chains and sprockets will probably work. The key will be finding the right size sprockets to get the correct mix of power and speed. Those things are usually about 3/4 to 1 horse. Not too bad.

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